Topaz Photo AI v3.0.4

True about the rectangular face treatment, etc.

I do really appreciate the Recovery feature added to Gigapixel, but yes, some few little items can be stripped out of PAI, such as the color and lighting correction, in favor of a simple Levels dialog with more attention given instead to outstanding issues such as you describe. All we can do is keep pushing!


3.0.4 was released on 6/13 and if the next release is on 7/11 then with that amount of time we can surely expect lots and lots of bug fixes, regressions fixed, etc. Better than even 2.3.2 (which also had plenty of bugs).

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…a VERY VERY VERY important feature that should work. And also a DECISIVE reason to prefer Topazlabs over other solutions. - WHEN WILL YOU HAVE THE UPDATE / FIX READY? Thank you!


It’s a real head scratcher how they lost the magic they had for text recovery, and restoring it now involves a major update. I’m still thinking that whatever code they were using became “legally unavailable” to them, and they had to start over again from scratch.


When I try to save several pictures that have been upscaled I get this skipped notice. There are no other pictures with the same name in the folder. It appears to me that PAI is looking at a limited number of characters in the titles. I didn’t have this problem in version 2.0.4 and it is very frustrating. The pictures are AI generations that have long titles that describe what was applied to the picture. Usually, the very end has a number that is different. Please fixe this and return to the way the older version worked.

I even shortened each title and it still skipped all but one when exporting. See second screen shot.

I figured out what is going on. I applied the upscale, denoise and sharpen to the first picture. Then I check it and the second one. Because all of the pictures are similar, I checked select all, clicked on the first one and applied to all selected pictures. When saving, it didn’t apply any setting to pictures unless I first had check each one. There are too many clicks in this version and obvious mistakes.

Ignore the bit above about me being a beta tester - I’ve not beta tested Photo AI and this isn’t a beta test report just some observations from a new user of Photo AI.
The two seat licence allows me to install it on both my Windows and Mac machines.
The Mac couldn’t get past the Cloudflare verification to download so I used the windows machine to download the Mac instatllation to the network drive. The Mac installation checks and refuses to install from a network drive. Anyway once it’s on the Mac the installation is a lot faster than the windows installation.
When at home the Macbook Pro is connected to an external monitor - then when disconnected from that monitor Photo AI opens up larger than the laptop screen - this is probably due to my ineptitude with a Mac. While it’s faster than the individual apps I have regularly found the need to go back to Topaz Sharpen or Denoise. The picking out faces is useful though I wish it would allow me to pick faces that it has failed to recognise as faces.

Topaz Photo AI 3.0.4 crashes as soon as I select the Removal option. This happens under the macOS Sequoia dev beta. For a brief moment I see a message, but I cannot read it.

EDIT: it is just the normal message after the selection of the Removal option. I shot a video and threfore I could later freeze the frame on “Generative Al output will change each time it is processed.
To prevent unintended results, your previous enhancements will be locked.
Tip: You can remove the generative enhancement to unlock your previous work.”

… I found that the i. e. lens data get lost in exif-data after using TPAI 3.0.4. Is there a fix planned for this?

AI 3.0.4 crashes immediately if I attempt to edit a raw NEF file in standalone mode. I’ve had no issues using it as a plug in from LRC. I can send the log files and system profile if required.

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The new sharpening tool provide a mask that is good but it is not going back to see the full picture that is mask but not logical to get to return to the masked image.
the light balane and colour balance need more work as they adversely affect the colours and colour balance,

Try moving/copying the executable on your Desktop and execute it as an Administrator from there.

Waiting for version 3 with the possibility to save RAW’s as DNG in Capture One. Because of that still on version 2……When will it happen Topaz???