Topaz Photo AI v2 Question

What will happen to users subscribed to Topaz Photo AI v1 when v2 launches soon? Do we automatically get upgraded or will it be a separate package?

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I was wondering the same thing after getting the email asking me to sign up for a discount on it, but I believe it will be included as a free upgrade to all current Photo AI license holders.

The wording is weird, but it is another normal update (like v 1.54), just enough of one to justify the jump to a “2.0” version number.

This isn’t an introduction of a new product line, and the annual license should cover it.

It does get tricky as many other software vendors will charge for an upgrade like these, even when you may own a license.


As long as Upgrades are Active, you can find that under your account on the main webpage, you are entitled to any version of the product released … note that it isn’t a subscription.

Your purchase gives you a permanent user license for the current (and past) versions of the program(s) plus one year of additional updates.

You can buy additional updates in one-year increments, but you are not required to buy upgrades to continue using the version(s) you already own.


I’ve been hoping that’s the case. I bought it in late June, so I’d certainly be a little bent out of shape if I had to pay again for V2.

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So your upgrades are valid until your anniversary next year. :grinning:

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You don’t have to pay additional for it if your license is active!


When’s v2 coming? I thought it was today, Sep 7th, but no sign of it as yet at 12:00 here in the UK

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I think the link means that it will be launched at 3pm Pacific Time, which will be 10pm in London.

If so, that’s a classic case of misinformation and customer mismanagement. I take it they are aware they have customers outside the USA and that different time zones exist? There’s no indication on that link that it’s Pacific Time and it now shows zero days, hours, minutes and seconds…

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I was all excited watching the countdown to 3pm… :smiley:

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3PM Pacific Time will be 11PM in London, which is on BST not GMT. But why would Topaz pick Pacific Time? Surely Texas is on Central Time?

To paraphrase the late Jimmy Buffet, the zeroed countdown shows Topaz clearly think it’s 3 o’clock somewhere…

Yes, that is my mistake. I see now that Topaz is based in Texas not on the Pacific coast. What matters is the countdown.
I am based in Mexico and we are an hour behind Texas, but this is what I saw just now:

It is currently 3:30pm approx in London, so 6:30h from now is 10pm BST
We all need to calm down and just be patient. It is coming and it will still be Sept 7th in London when it does!

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In the UK we’ve had this for the last 30 minutes:


Am I missing something regarding the excitement of this announcement? Isn’t is basically just another update?

That must be a glitch. When I click on the link, it shows zero for a few seconds, then resets to the countdown.

Now it shows this here in Germany:

Yeah, now. Someone’s clearly fixed it.

Guess I’ll get it tomorrow morning , not waiting up to 11pm to download it.

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Topaz have just released a short promo video. Looking at the format it would seem to imply that photoAI2 is for use on phones.