TOPAZ PHOTO AI v2.4.1 - RAW Denoise having to be on is a deal killer!

TOPAZ PHOTO AI v2.4.1 - RAW Denoise having to be on (no masking?) is a deal killer! It’s creating an ugly overkill Denoise soft checkerboard, like giant pixels. This plug-in is becoming useless. How can anyone deal with the soft checkerboard background?

Are you opening in Topaz ? Or using as a plug in ?

I’m not seeing any checker boarding opening in Topaz with Nikon RAW files (Z50/D7200) ether way here so far (My editor when using plugin is Affinity)

Does it happen the same with various strengths in preferences ?


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I just back tracked to 2.3.2, not because the checkerboard background doesn’t happen, only because I can turn off the noise removal entirely. It’s very sad, whether as a plug-in (Lightroom File:Plug-In Extras:Process with Topaz Photo AI) or straight into Photo AI, even with ver 2.3.2 any soft out of focus background turns into a soft checkerboard. I’m assuming an outline of all the different photo segments like on a map?

I only use the sharpening with my subject most likely masked, then remove the noise in the background in other ways.

It happened even with the lowest strength settings. If I can’t turn off the source of the soft checkerboarding, I can’t possibly continue to use this.

The tiles or squares happen no matter what model or with the lowest settings, everything down to a minimum. Now I just tried 2.4.2 where they claim you can enable/disable everything. I guess they didn’t mean the RAW Denoise at the very beginning, stage 1. Once again, TOTALLY UNUSABLE!!! Way too many artifacts to use even turned down all the way. I can’t believe this isn’t more of an issue! I’ve loved these plug-ins, but the direction they’re going is totally brain dead consumer garbage! Definitely won’t be paying for upgrades. Time to look elsewhere?!?!

What hardware and system are you running? Maybe you need to upload a file or two to see if other can duplicate your issues with the tiling.
I experienced it slightly some releases back but it was resolved. Something to do with the neural engine on Macs I believe.
Mac mini M1 16GB, Sonoma 14.4.1