Topaz Photo AI v2.2.1

Curious if yours is an Intel MacBook Pro or M-series.

Topaz apps on Intel Macs, no longer a good match…

M1 Pro for the MacBook Pro 16“.
And a Mac Studio M2 Ultra

OK good, nice Macs :wink:

Do some tests with all other apps quit and see if it helps. Also restart beforehand just for fun (in case of memory leaks from the OS or apps).

I just saw that you asked the original poster, not me (got confused by the answer notification) - so forget about my answer as I do not have problems (other than the known ones).

I got confused too, we’re even! Advice still stands though :wink:

I had read that many have these issues with it taking tiresome time to process unless you have a super fast gpu. I love my mac, but sometimes wonder if I wouldn’t do better with doing my editing on a pc. How have you liked your edits on a pc compared to a mac, since you are testing.

Mine is an Intel since I bought when M1 had just come out on the market and they still had questions about its compatibility with many apps that I was using. I wish I had realized just how serious I would get about this in such a short period of time and the necessity for more processing power.

Yeah, the M series Macs chew through Topaz processes. The Intels struggle.

The M2 Mini and a third-party monitor would be a good desktop entry for you since you already have a laptop. I use an M2 Mini 500/16 and it’s such a joy. In the office I sometimes fire up Topaz apps on a 2017 SSD Intel iMac to do screenshots (if I don’t use the M1 MacBook Pro) and it’s painful slow.

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Apple Silicon is considerably faster in TPAI (while unfortunately struggling in TVAI).

An M1 Pro runs circles around the PC with i7 13700 and RTX 4060.

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Happy New Year 2024! Olympus ORF Files doesn’t have any lenscorrection. 1st I thought it would be an issue because of an old windows setup. Today I made a complete new Windows 10 Setup and a new Topas PAI installation (with a clean system now).
Is it possible to make TPAI aible for Olympus *.ORF lenscorrection?



If you go to the Lensfun website it will tell you which lenses are supported …

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