Topaz Photo AI v2.1 batch processing darkens and color-shifts my .CR3 raw files

When I send a folder of .CR3 raw files to Topaz Photo AI v2.1.0, they get darkened by ~ 1 f/stop and their colors get shifted, forcing me to spend hours fixing them.
Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Drag folder of .CR3 raw photos to Topaz Photo AI
  2. Photo AI processes them, applying a mix of denoising and sharpening
  3. Observe that previews of resulting .DNG files appear much darker than the previews of .CR3 inputs did, and that colors appear unpredictably shifted
  4. Open .DNG files in Photoshop, and observe the same phenomena: image is approximately 1 f/stop darker than the original, and colors are shifted
    2023-11-05-09-53-35.tzlog (179.6 KB)

I have attached a reduced-size JPG copy of the DNG, since this upload does not permit uploads of the ~ 120 MB DNG files. If you would like to see the DNG, please give me an upload location; e.g., a DropBox URL.
_G7X7400.CR3 (25.5 MB)
_G7X7399.CR3 (25.4 MB)

If I process images one at a time from the Photoshop plugin (Open the CR3 in Photoshop, then click FIlter…Topaz Photo AI), the luminance and colors are not affected. But with ~ 1000 images per event to process, this requires too much time.
_G7X7400.CR3 (25.5 MB)

Topaz Photo AI v2.1 on [Mac]

I went into Preferences, changed the automatic light adjustment to 0, and retried the procedure above. Results were the same: in preview, in Lightroom Classic, in Lightroom-cloud, and in Photoshop, the .DNG files output from Topaz Photo AI were darkened by ~ 1 f/stop and color-shifted.

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