Topaz Photo AI v1.5 upgrade

Hi Topaz

Nice with another update of Topaz Photo AI.

In many situations, the program gives a very nice and improved image, but sometimes it can also be too ‘plastic’ - therefore all improvements are appreciated.

I have the following comments about the upgrade/program:

  1. I am missing the small ‘indicator’ in the lower left corner, where you can see how far the program is in generating a ‘new image’.

  2. When you try different settings, e.g., in Sharpening - the settings: Standard/Strong/Lens Blur/Motion Blur, it would be nice if the program saves the settings you have tried, so that you can quickly switch between the settings to see what result is best. In the current situation, the program starts generating ‘a new image’ when you switch, and this takes time.

Best Regards / Ole Vedel / Copenhagen

It would be great to add an ability to grab a subject mask, with a transparent background, such as found in Topaz Mask, or alternatively, please update Topaz Mask with the much better masking capability of Photo AI. It would save a lot of time…


There is a progress icon in the top RH corner.

Thanks Don / Many ‘errors’ and queries are often due to ‘error 40’ - i.e. the problem is due to the person sitting 40 centimeters behind the screen. / have a nice day


@mr.olevedel Thanks for your insights.

For the “plastic” look, try turning down the Remove Noise or Sharpen sliders slightly. It’s likely removing fine detail or over sharpening some areas.

Your comment about being able to compare different versions has been noted. We understand how you would want to instantly be able to compare how different settings impact the result and having it reprocess takes too long.