Topaz Photo AI v1.1.5 - v1.1.6

I am having the same issue. Images are being cropped. Can we revert to previous version?


Same- all images are cropped after AI edit

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I too have a problem with criopped images when inported from LR

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Same here. Totally unusable.

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I sent a full-size TIFF original of this old 35mm slide scan to Topaz support. I will post just a small JPEG here to the forum. This is not the output of Photo AI, just a small JPEG version of the input file. This one has red marks to make it easy to spot 2 problems. Read the description below to see what happens.

  1. 1.1.5 autopilot detects the 4 faces, but it does not select them and recover them automatically. I had to select the 4 faces manually.

  2. The autopilot only selected Sharpen. There is some noise in the film scan so I was surprised it did not also select Remove Noise.

  3. Recover Faces only worked on the top half of the girl on the far right of the photo. Of course, I understand that her hand obscures part of her face so that confuses the software. I have marked in red the problem area. There is a distinct horizontal line that goes through her teeth and the bottom part of her face. Above the line Recover Faces worked, but below it did not.

  4. Also, at the other area marked in red which is the girl’s white sweater. Recover Faces blurs part of the sweater and it also creates a reddish pink patch on the sweater.

Tagging everyone who mentioned the cropping issue:
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I’ve made an alpha build with a potential fix. If you can try it out I believe it will allow you to use the new updates until we can make an actual release for it. Keep in mind that the alpha will not alert you to updates, so if you do end up using this version instead of downgrading to 1.1.4 make sure to check back on Thursday which is when we do our normal releases. That should be the latest that this fix gets released, but at the moment we are still testing the fix.



I get blur with normal denoise

but not strong

Is the CLI official in Photo AI?

It appears to work (except for wildcards) on Mac, but only pretends to work on the Windows version (displaying as if it’s processing, waiting awhile, then exiting with no file generated).

This is a known issue and the root cause is that Windows does not like putting a GUI and CLI app in one executable. We’ve tried some hacky workarounds, but they don’t seem to work consistently. I don’t know entirely why, but I believe CLI worked for me on my Windows last I checked. I think it has to do with what command line you’re using so maybe try changing that.

Our plan at the moment as far as I’m aware is to eventually split the Windows build into two executables: one that is CLI only and one that is GUI only. I’m not sure when we will have time to visit that though.

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When Topaz supports a command line interface then Puget will be able to do full benchmarking on Macs and Windows. See this:

Topaz AI: CPU & GPU Performance Analysis: Puget

Lots of benchmarks using 4 of the Topaz apps on different CPUs and GPUs.

Unfortunately, it currently does not include Macs, particularly Apple Silicon Macs. In the comments below the article the writer gave this response about the reason that Macs are currently not in the Topaz benchmarking:

Sometimes duplicating our testing on MacOS is easy enough (see our Premiere Pro and Photoshop benchmarks), but others are a much bigger project. Unfortunately, Topaz AI falls under the latter. Except for Video AI, the Topaz AI suite doesn’t have any sort of command line automation, so we had to do external scripting automation with things like simulated mouse clicks based on pixel searches of what is on screen. And that kind of thing is a lot harder to do on MacOS from my experience. And doing this amount of testing manually would take a very long time, so not really something we can feasibly do.

My interactions with Topaz so far has been very good, so my main hope right now is that these benchmarks will get enough traction that they will be willing to invest a bit of dev time into adding some basic command line automation. If we can convince them to do that, cross-platform (and just benchmarking in general) becomes almost trivial to do.

I hope Puget will add Photo AI also.


The server that holds the models is very slow. With my connection I could get 30 mbyte/s but the server only deliveres 10. Getting all 50 models takes ages this way. :neutral_face:

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I’ll give the fix a try. The crop bug is severely impacting my workflow.

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Win 11 Pro desktop PC. Standalone. Processor = Auto (AMD, Intel)

Tried selecting a single subject - I have my Prefs set to not auto-detect subjects.

I liked having the addn of the Color Picker (for the Overlay) & the Opacity control (for the Overlay). They helped a lot.

Two other related capabilities I’d like to see added in that Masking Panel (besides the previously mentioned Brush-related ones…):

1- Can there be some way to have text appear adjacent to the “ADD” & “SUBTRACT” buttons in that masking panel that says what the shortcut is to switch b/wn Add & Subtract? I know you added the “x” capability to do that (& it works fine!) but it would be nice to have it appear there as a prompt, just like what you guys did in the Menus to show the shortcuts there.

2- Is it possible to make the pop-up Color Picker box repositionable by a Click & Drag? I tried to move the box by doing that to figure out the best overlay color & it was in a fixed position. That would be a lower priority than any brush work, but would be a convenience.

Able to also launch rel. 1.1.5 as a Ps 2023 Plugin & make image manipulations & save back to my Ps layer stack.

This rel. has one of the more noticeable pixel shifts between launching layer and returned layer from PAI plugin. Some rel. are better and don’t hop as much. This one does hop more than desired. It’s preferable if there is no shift visible b/wn layers back in Ps.

Also, I keep painting the overlay onto my images (inadvertently) b/c I can’t use the Spacebar & drag function when in the Masking Panel. It just paints overlay onto the image. The only way to re-position in that Masking Panel is via the Nav Box. Is there any way to get the Spacebar & drag to move around the image operable while in the Masking Panel? Thx.

BTW, I tried several BW images in the Ps PAI plugin also - all worked fine. Including this one I shot at Petersen Automotive in LA. Just the same pixel shift/hop as the color images back on the Ps layer:

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Since its first release PhotoAI’s noise removal was more aggressive than DenoiseAI’s especially for Landscape pictures. It got slightly better with the the last releases but it still removes structures from plants, lawn, leaves or cobble stones.


You need to provide details of the differences in metadata, and what application you are calling it from and what format you are sending.

Note: the XMP files are not accessed as they do not belong to Photo AI.

Since a few days TOPAZ refused to open basic file???

What is a basic file?

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Thanks Adam. I tried the 1.1.6 Alpha and it appears to have fixed the cropping issue.
For anyone that tries to use it, it installs side-by-side with the existing version (1.1.5) and you get both options in the Lightroom ‘Edit In’ menu. You have to make sure you use the right one (Topaz Photo AI ALPHA)
Also it registers itself separately with Topaz as a new seat, so you may need to disable one of your other seats (if you are using using both of them).


Yes, the foliage is noticeably sharpened and, in the process, the yellows are brighter in the bottom image. It’s a lovely scene.

Did the Autopilot turn on Sharpening? Did you make any manual adjustments to reduce the Autopilot-generated settings? Is there leeway to do so on the slider bar (ie, is there space to pull the slider left a bit & does that reduce the brightness of the yellows at all?).