Topaz Photo AI v0.5

Note: As of 0.6.0 there’s a breaking change to authentication. Please update to 0.6.0 to fix this issue.

Hello everyone!

This week’s early access update features a major update to the auto pilot experience. It will now always be enabled, but you can freely change any settings off the suggested values. It will also be more clear as to what it has already detected and what it’s currently working on - and will even show you the detected subject and faces, when appropriate! There’s a good number of other fixes and improvements to explore in this week’s update as well.

One more note: We anticipate some confusion about this now that we display the subject to the user, but to be clear that is currently only used for determining which filters should be enabled. None of the filters currently use the subject mask - although you can expect that to change in a future EA update.

If you own DeNoise, Sharpen, and Gigapixel with up-to-date licenses then you have access to Photo AI. You will need to claim a Photo AI license by going to your account before you’ll be able to login.

Released August 4th, 2022
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

This is an early access release, so there will be some issues you may run across. Issue reports and general feedback are much appreciated. If there’s a specific image you’d like us to see, you can send it to us at this dropbox link. Below the changelog are a list of issues we’re already aware of.

Changes since 0.4.0:

  • Added mask and face detection previews when hovering over the respective icons in Autopilot
  • Changed settings so that they are no longer locked when Autopilot is active and will show suggested values inside control settings
  • Changed some messaging in the login dialog for when login isn’t valid
  • Increased performance for face refinement
  • Fixed issue where batch save would stop after a certain amount of images
  • Fixed issue with view mode toggle not selecting correctly
  • Fixed several issues with batch file view selections/settings display
  • Fixed image position centering and zoom resetting when switching view modes
  • Fixed color issues with face refinement

Known Issues:

  • The first time an image is selected, the autopilot values will replace any values set manually via the “Apply settings to all” feature

Very excited about the potential for this product, truly a one stop shop for image refinement. And thank you that owners of the the current bundle can look forward to this for free!

A couple of things I notice initially:

In stand alone mode there is no option to save as DNG?

Face detection can pick up slightly out of focus faces that then look weird when “recovered”. Hopefully this filter will get a mask in future releases.

As a sports photographer I would LOVE a simple crop tool as part of resize filter, so I can crop and resize all my pictures to the same final dimensions. (This was included in NoNoise and was almost enough to tempt me away from Denoise :wink:)


Is there an interest in running Photo AI from Capture One as a plugin. I use Capture One and it recognizes Photo AI. When ‘open with Photo AI’ is picked, It does open in Photo AI but it is saved to a default folder instead of opening in Capture One with the edited version. When ‘Edit with Photo AI’ is picked, it places a *.tiff image into Capture One but doesn’t open in Photo AI.
Running on a PC, Win 10, i7, 3.4ghz
Ron L

I own the image quality bundle but get this when I login:

Read the first post and go to the link for claiming your license.

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Remember this is a early access and options, including output, will be added as it evolves. In the meantime use TIF/TIFF.

For sure, it’s not a big deal for now, just glad to know it will be coming!


Wohoo! It doesn’t crash anymore! THANK YOU to the Topaz developers. :grinning: I’ve actually had some family albums/very old scans come my way - so I was looking forward to this integrated product rather than trying to run images through many variables/settings across denoise/sharpen/gigapixel.

Cheers! :wave:

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I would suspect that it isn’t available yet as Win 11/C! 21 wont even open the application. This is a early release and functionality is being added before it is stable and fully functional.

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Seems to be an issue with subject and face detection in complex images …



This image didn’t detect a subject (OK) but left out a face that was facing forward on the right:

An option to turn off Subject selection would be an advantage, as it ( in my recent experience) often gets it wrong with complex images and has also taken some time to detect a subject when really there wasn’t one. As an example a bunch of the same flower petals, where that is the main image but it selected only one. It also needs the masking tools ported over. As an example see attached image.

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2022-08-05-08-23-9.tzlog (8.7 KB)
2022-08-05-08-23-47.tzlog (8.7 KB)

You may want to edit your post, click on the pen, and tell the developer why you posted the logs.

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Hi Don - we brought the face detection from Gigapixel AI and subject mask from Sharpen AI. The face detection and subject mask should behave the same with those images in each app respectively. Can you please send me both images through Dropbox so we can add them for future model update trainings? Thank you!

Thanks, Steve. We just added the subject mask to this release but none of the filters use the subject mask yet. We’re planning on adding an option to turn off the mask when desired. If you can send me the image above through Dropbox, that’d be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi - we don’t see any errors in the log files you shared. Can you please tell me what issue you’re running into? Thank you.

Some issues I have noticed are my mouse disappears in both stand-alone and plug-in making it difficult to select anything. Also, the drop-down menus do not work in plug-in mode. Really digging the beta though, it is amazing.

Bad luck! My license for DeNoise, Sharpen, and Gigapixel expired today! :scream: Too bad I didn’t check this thread yesterday! :partying_face:

Hi guys,
I love the product my only request would be to add an option to have scaling numbers fixed and what I mean by that is for example for my workflow I use 2x image scaling almost on all my images because I use the same camera but currently I have to manually change the scaling to 2x each time I open Photo ai, It would be nice to be able to put 2x once and save it as my preference. I’m pretty sure that is how Gigapixel Ai works.
Thank you for the great product.

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