Yes, I find this version much BETTER in all regards. The “layers” approach is so much faster for selectively editing parts of the image.


The tiles or squares happen no matter what model or with the lowest settings, everything down to a minimum. Now I just tried 2.4.2 where they claim you can enable/disable everything. I guess they didn’t mean the RAW Denoise at the very beginning, stage 1. Once again, TOTALLY UNUSABLE!!! Way too many artifacts to use even turned down all the way. I can’t believe this isn’t more of an issue! I’ve loved these plug-ins, but the direction they’re going is totally brain dead consumer garbage! Definitely won’t be paying for upgrades. Time to look elsewhere?!?!

I’m shocked at how bad your upgrades are Topaz. I purchased both your photo and your video AI products a couple of years ago, and until this recent series of updates was very pleased with the quality of your software and with the gradual improvements being made to it. Not anymore. You have essentially crippled your own products and one has to wonder, was this deliberate? I’ve been in the tech world a long time and have occasionally seen companies gradually destroy their own products only to “re-improve” them later and ask for more money. I don’t even know where to begin. The UI is illogical, the delays in pre-processing get longer and longer, the absence to basic prompts in the UI ranges from the stupid to the insulting. I’m a LONG time Adobe Creative Suite user and would pre-process photos with Topaz because you were clearly way ahead of Adobe’s AI based image processing, but they are rapidly catching up and you have either hired incompetent product managers, or your C-Suite folks have become either clueless or evil. Either way you have created a hot mess where you once had world-class products. Did your founder bail? What happened? I’ll be dropping this mess in favor of whatever smarter company takes advantage of the gaping hole you just blew in your own products. I don’t need to describe all of the absurd faults that you have created in these products as there are countless other users in this forum that have already done that, and I doubt anyone’s really listening.

That’s not why people don’t like the new UI.

Totally agree with you. Horrible, almost unusable and I loved it before

Thanks for reporting this, a few of us have also documented this bug in the 2.4.2 release thread, so they should be aware and fixing it.

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I have never felt so compelled to complain about an update as I am right now.

Topaz, you completely, and I mean completely missed the mark with the latest update.

I’m struggling to see what was the goal of the UI changes? Dumb everything down into oblivion? Why?

What is the thinking behind putting all of the customizations behind multiple clicks, tabs and menus? How is this beneficial to the users? It’s not like your previous UI was overly complex. We had everything nicely organized and most importantly, I was able to see at a glance at what settings I chose for the photo, making it more easier to memorize which settings worked best for the photos I was working on.

Currently, I can’t see ANY details or ANY settings of the enhancements, unless I go manually into each and every adjustment.

This is a major step backward.

I’m a pro photographer, I use Topaz for my work. I need the ability to easily and quickly make multiple changes, mixing multiple enhancements, go back and forth over and over again until I tune everything just right. I used to have this with Topaz, but you guys have now decided to take a heavy turn into dumbing everything down to the point where this is now a one-click plugin. Click and done. Full auto. Full amateur mode.

If I sound upset, that’s because I am. Upset and frustrated after trying to integrate the latest update into my workflow.

I regret I updated, will be going back to the previous version ASAP.