Topaz Photo AI Shutting Down on MAC

Any help with getting Topaz to stop automatically shutting down right when I open the program up?

I am using a MacBook air with macOS Ventura 13.4.1

Steps to reproduce issue:

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Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

Open Photos and open AI as an extension. (Thee dots in top menu.)

It will open with one exception I have seen on my MacBook. If the photo has been opened and edited before trying to apply AI, the photo will start uploading to iCloud. You won’t be able to use AI until the upload is complete, and the edited version is downloaded. When the upload/download is complete, AI will open fine. I now either use AI first, or have to wait for the cloud sequence to finish.

Also, I used to open Denoise and Sharpen by right clicking, then selecting the app from the side menu. That no longer works. You must open AI from the Photos menu.

Please reinstall Topaz Photo AI.

  1. Open Finder, go to the Applications folder, and delete any/all versions of Topaz Photo AI from Applications.
  2. Delete the plist files for Topaz Photo AI using instructions here and reboot your computer afterwards.
  3. Download the full installer for the latest version of Topaz Photo AI from here.
  4. Run the installer. Make sure Lightroom Classic and Photoshop are closed during the installation.

This sounds like a separate behavior that is related to iCloud. Topaz Photo AI needs access to the actual file for processing. If iPhoto is uploading and downloading then Topaz Photo AI is not usable.

The right click > Edit with > DeNoise AI is still working for me. Is the option no longer appearing in the menu for you?

Yes, no change in using Sharpen or DeNoise with a right click. Photo AI is shown, and will open, but the Save function will not do anything unless you save to desktop.

The issue I have with Photo AI is apparently related to the slow upload and download times with iCloud. That’s a common complaint. What was confusing was that I could edit with Apple Photos, but got a “ can not save” error with Topaz Photos AI on the same file.

We do not support using Topaz Photo AI with the right click > Edit with> Topaz Photo AI menu to round trip the image.

Please use only the Apple Photos plugin here.

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