Topaz Photo AI is not working

I need help. My Topaz Photo AI is not working. It won’t save in the stand alone. As a Plug In with Photoshop Elements it opens with no auto settings and I can’t do anything. A couple of times as a stand alone, I have seen an alert that says update available but when I update the system glitches it and it won’t save the update.

Hi @yvonne.johnson! If Topaz Photo AI has worked fine for you on this same system in the past, please download a new copy of the app directly from our Topaz Labs Download Page instead.

Once you run this new installer, please use it to overwrite your current installation. Let me know if Topaz Photo AI works for you again after this!


Once again it seems to have resolved. I think Photo AI may be having some problems handing photos from a new camera I bought. It is the Sony 61 megapixel Sony A7RV. At the moment Photo AI seems to be working. Thank you.


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