Topaz photo AI is not meeting our needs

We realize that the individual modules are not being developed any longer, and can’t say with certainty that, if updated, these would do any better.

But after using the individual modules for some time, Photo AI is simply not meeting our needs.
Problems include:
Persistent artifacts when the Sharpen function is used on feathers or fur — even when we dial back the strength of the sharpening.
The mask editing brush is not a good replacement for the Photoshop-style brush in the individual modules.

  • Even if the brush outputs acceptably (we’re not convinced), when we’re editing a mask, we can’t see that it’s accurately defining the area we want to select. This is a huge workflow slowdown for us.

We’ve tried just going back to the individual modules but, since we’ve update to Mac OS Ventura, the DeNoise module does not work properly.

We hope there’s hope on the horizon on these topics, as we find the current software does not give us the control or the results we’re looking for.

I too am frustrated by the lack of an edge-aware brush in TPAI and by the lack of updates to other products. I am beginning to think that they have now been abandoned.
It’s a pity that you have found TDNAI no longer works correctly under Ventura. I haven’t tried it myself. Can you give chapter and verse please.

Thanks for reaching out. I’d like to schedule a discussion with you in two weeks to learn about this issue with sharpening and masking. I’ve sent you an email about this, please check for it.