Topaz Photo AI is introducing undesirable artifacts

[starting in lightroom, then Edit in Topaz Photo AI, i noticed lately that artifacts are shown in the picture, as if you are using a laso tool and forgot to exit it…
the thing is that the final image is keeping the artifacts.
any idea.]

Note: ive been using Photo AI for around 1 year, never had this before
i am keeping the system always updated

Steps to reproduce issue:

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Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

Same here. Seeing strong aliasing and moiré patterns in the preview. I expect it has to do with the down-sampling filter used to scale high resolution images to a smaller resolution viewport.

It looks like a computationally cheap interpolative filter is used, e.g. nearest-neighbour.
Even a (still cheap) bilinear filter would look better. Using a windowed sinc (Lanczos) filter would be best for shrinking/zooming out.

Alias was a problem of scaling in windows in the past.

Scaling is already at 100%, so that’s not it. It is something in the Topaz UI/preview rendering, because the saved output when viewed in an image viewer (with proper downsampling) does not show the issue.

Hey @fadi.el_khoury, can you share your screenshot + the processed image if it also has the artifacts through our dropbox?

The screenshot here looks a bit compressed, was having trouble pinpointing exactly where the artifact was.

Submit to Dropbox


I submitted the files to dropbox… kindly confirm receiving the files :pray:

Note: 2 days back downloaded the upgraded version
still same issues

Thanks in advance

Dear Preston,
Did you receive the files uploaded to your dropbox?

if yes kindly confirm


@fadi.el_khoury We did receive them, thank you! @Lingyu will be taking a look as soon as he can :slight_smile: