Topaz Photo AI is introducing undesirable artifacts

[starting in lightroom, then Edit in Topaz Photo AI, i noticed lately that artifacts are shown in the picture, as if you are using a laso tool and forgot to exit it…
the thing is that the final image is keeping the artifacts.
any idea.]

Note: ive been using Photo AI for around 1 year, never had this before
i am keeping the system always updated

Steps to reproduce issue:

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Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

Same here. Seeing strong aliasing and moiré patterns in the preview. I expect it has to do with the down-sampling filter used to scale high resolution images to a smaller resolution viewport.

It looks like a computationally cheap interpolative filter is used, e.g. nearest-neighbour.
Even a (still cheap) bilinear filter would look better. Using a windowed sinc (Lanczos) filter would be best for shrinking/zooming out.

Alias was a problem of scaling in windows in the past.

Scaling is already at 100%, so that’s not it. It is something in the Topaz UI/preview rendering, because the saved output when viewed in an image viewer (with proper downsampling) does not show the issue.

Hey @fadi.el_khoury, can you share your screenshot + the processed image if it also has the artifacts through our dropbox?

The screenshot here looks a bit compressed, was having trouble pinpointing exactly where the artifact was.

Submit to Dropbox


I submitted the files to dropbox… kindly confirm receiving the files :pray:

Note: 2 days back downloaded the upgraded version
still same issues

Thanks in advance

Dear Preston,
Did you receive the files uploaded to your dropbox?

if yes kindly confirm


@fadi.el_khoury We did receive them, thank you! @Lingyu will be taking a look as soon as he can :slight_smile:

I am also getting artifacts, photo ai 2.0 (above the eye of middle bird, and smaller on the chest of top bird)

This looks like hot pixels which we currently have a fix for and are testing in the next beta.

Once the beta is done we will add this to the release version for Topaz Photo AI so that hot pixels are no longer happening.