Topaz photo AI is changing colors on photo's

When using the TL photo AI in lightroom to reduce noise and sharpen picture the colors of the picture are changing automaticly. White balance values seems to change sometimes and when they do not even then the colors are changed.

RAW file before Topaz plug

DNG after the Topaz plug-in

As you can see, colors and white balance values changed and this mostly counts for all pictures. Also the reason why i use the AI noise recduction of lightroom more often now. Topaz Labs was way better before! Suffering from this issue a longer periode now but hoped it would be fixed with updates but isn’t


What graphics card are you using?

I’m using a macbook pro. The graphic card is the standard of the macbook.

That’s likely irrelevant.

The interesting question here is: what camera is used and is it in the list of supported devices?

I’m getting colour shifts as well. My Canon 5D mk2 is supported. So are my other cameras. Others are also reporting colour shifts.

Still this apparently is an issue with the DNG not being properly developped.
I’m quite sure that the color cast is gone if you feed the same image as a TIFF to the app.

GFX card and OS very likely won’t make a difference.

And: If the camera is in the “supported” list, such badly processed images should of course be sent to the devs together with the logs so they can look into it.

I’m not using dng or tiff, I’m using PAI plugin in Photoshop.

I’m using a olympus OMD E-M1X
As far as I know this camera is supported.

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You could try saving it as a Tiff.

Why is dng not fully developed? Why are Topaz using dng then?

I’m not giving my images to Topaz, they can use their own. I’m not spending my time beta testing Topaz products. They should work. So many problems with Topaz software recently.

Then I guess your problem is a different one to that of the TS.

You should create an own error report together with example images and logs.

P.S. I moved this in the Bugs‘n’Issues section hoping that this way the right people at Topaz will see it.

Please stop hijacking other people’s threads.

And just saying: colors are wrong without giving any examples won’t lead anywhere.

P.S.: developing RAW files can be a quite complex thing as you need e.g. fitting Color profiles for every sensor

This is not a RAW file, i’m using plugin in Photoshop, that is after the RAW conversion.

I don’t use Topaz on my RAW files. That is why DxO and Photoshop are better, they have more resources and data than Topaz.

This is why you should make your own thread - I for sure don’t think that you have that much of a massive color shift as shown in the TS’s first post and your issue is not RAW related while the thread-starters very likely is.

Yes, this is in the list:
Supported Cameras | Topaz Photo AI (

Since Topaz uses the open source software maybe the error already lies there. Have you tried using a TIFF of the same picture?

Someone else reported a big colour shift on a Sony image, when using Lightroom, maybe that is where the issue lies, see recent post about it. Apparently it was not a problem when using Photoshop. Here is the post:

I am also seeing a color shift using a JPG image. The image on the left is the original jpg and the image on the right is how it looks when I open it in Topaz Photo AI.

TIFF is lossless, similar to RAW and DNG formats. While TIFF produces exceptionally detailed images, it has a much larger file size than DNG format and doesn’t have nearly as many compatible programs. In the vast majority of cases, DNG is a better format option than TIFF. When using DNG you do have the choice to embed the original raw file format into your DNG conversion if you’re careful about how you import your photos. You can retrieve that data if you need it. That’s why I go for DNG instead of TIFF.

There has been problems with dng files on Topaz, they are not fully developed or something, that is why I said try Tiff. But it seems the colour shift in that case was due to different colour settings. “The file I was using was in a CMYK color profile. I switched it to RBG in Photoshop and opened it in Topaz AI and the color shift issue was gone.”

I’m wondering if that is the case on other images. Topaz Tiff default colour profile is ProPhotoRGB, you should be able to change when saving.

I’m reading elsewhere, there is a setting in Topaz that should be deselected on RAW files:

“Apply RAW Color Correction”. This is checked by default. I unchecked it, and the image’s colors look as close to the original as I would expect"