Topaz Photo AI is a lite version of Shapren AI?


I bought Topaz Photo AI back in November.

I did not know it was the lite version of Shapren AI
I only came across this because I did a google search.

So I have not contacted the customer service but with it being bank holiday I have not heard back.

I just want to make sure I understand this…

I did another post regarding Sharpen AI v4.1.0 by error I posted in it in the wrong thread: Topaz Video AI Discussion.

Hopefully someone can help me!
Thank you.

It’s considered a lite version of all three products because the Autopilot selects the processing and there are not as many manual options available.

Thank you for your reply.

So in the full version of Sharpen AI compared to the Topaz Photo AI what is the difference please?

Also in Sharpen AI full version is there just an automatic focus button so do not have to mess around with the slides manually, which would make it easy to get blurred pictures back into focus?

In Sharpen AI the Automatic Model selection is not as accurate as the AutoPilot in Photo AI, it is an indication of the best guess that Sharpen AI can make.

So the difference, as I pointed out, is the AuotPilot and therefore there are less options you need to select.

Thank you, all makes sense now!