Topaz Photo AI iOS Version Request

While traveling, I find myself without my desktop. Instead, I’m limited to my iPad, which has Lightroom and Photoshop for iOS. This means that I can’t “work” on my pictures fully until I get home and can fire up Topaz Photo AI.

It would be just fantastic if you could develop an iOS version of Topaz Photo AI that works with the Lightroom and Photoshop iOS versions.

Thank you and please keep up the good work.

Agreed. My workflow is to travel with my iPad Pro and it would be wonderful to use Topaz products on the iPad.

Bringing this up again. I would like to have TPAI as an iOS app very much as well - and I’m sure that I’m not the only one.

@rsppilot Thanks for sharing your workflow.

I agree, having a mobile app would be great. However, because of how resource-intensive Photo AI is, I don’t think it’s possible at least in the immediate future.

We unfortunately cannot prioritize this AND continue building out the web version as well. However, this totally makes sense for a lot of users and when we have the capacity, it’ll definitely be at the top of our discussions list!

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Hi there!

Ok, I’m an Adobe CC user, designing graphics, magazines etc. I discovered Topaz AI a while back, tested it on some of my work, and had surprising results, good show!

So yes, just subscribed and installed it on my older MacBook Pro. The thing is, while thinking of an upgrade for this laptop, I really was seduced by the newer IPad Pro, Seen the capacity and usability it became part of my kit.

Although the Adobe programs aren’t up to date on the iPad, they are moving towards these users, and helping us to deliver quality on the go.

So seen the discussion here, I do think it has its merits to think about some kind of workaround, maybe with a site we can access to make our changes using a phone or IPad?

So please, for those of us who are into a more dynamic workflow…

Thanx, cheers.

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@alain.vangaal I can see how this will make some workflows much easier especially people who work on the go. At the moment though, we don’t have the capacity to build a mobile version of Photo AI.

We may consider it in the future. In the meantime, we’re gearing up for launching v2.0 on September 7 which is a major update!

Just wanting to keep this request near the top of the queue. I just renewed my ownership of Photo AI - keep up the good work, Team Topaz.

I’d really love to be able to run it on a high end M2/M3 iPad eventually.

I suppose a web version would be ok but an iPad version would be so much better for my use case and many other folks as well, I suspect.


Thanks for the kind words!

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De nada!

Still enjoying APAI quite a bit. Most user friendly of the bunch and with enough control over the effects I find it very useful.

Be well,


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I agree with you. I need an iOS Version for my iPad!