Topaz Photo AI Install Limit

I have a question. I met the criteria to get Topaz Photo AI and installed Denoise, Sharpen and Gigapixel on my two Macs. I was able to install and use Topaz AI Photo (0.7) on my iMac. When I tried to install it on my MacBook it seemed there was a restriction on the number installs and it would not install. Although no such limit was encountered for the other 3 apps. Anybody run into this?


Same on windows. Normally I have Denoise, Sharpen and Gigapixel on both my PC and laptop. Photo AI can only be run on one instance. Hope that is not the future for the Topaz products; I definitely don’t like this.

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Same here, one Windows, one Mac in the same household/ISP subscribing to DeNoise, Sharpen, and Gigapixel AI and either computer, one at a time, can use all three of these apps, but only one device activation is allowed for Photo AI.

Where are we with this, Topaz? Is there an upcoming change in licensing policy limiting it to one device? That is not going to work for me either.

I’m happy to report that now that Topaz has released Photo AI 1.0, they have opened up, for active subscribers to all three apps (DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, and Gigapixel AI), a second included activation to Photo AI, consistent with the way their other apps work in terms of licensing. This means you can install and run Photo AI on up to two computers, Windows and/or Mac, at no additional charge at this time as long as you maintain the license on the other three apps. The arrangement may change at some point in the future as Photo AI becomes more fully featured.