Topaz Photo AI Generated DNG Image Dimensions in Properties

If I process an image using Lightroom Classic’s File/Plug-in Extras / Process with Topaz Photo AI to create a new DNG file I end up with totally strange image dimensions. For instance, I processed and saved a 6016 x 4000 pixel image with Photo AI, and then closed Lightroom. When I looked at the new DNG file Properties/Details it shows the Image Dimensions as 256 x170 pixels. This really mucks up viewing the image in a photo viewer outside of something like Lightroom Classic. What you end up seeing is just the tiny 256 x 170 px image. Note, if you edit a DNG file in Topaz Photo AI as a TIFF file the image dimensions are correct when saved.

I was told, " The DNG saving in that way is expected behavior. The small dimensions you are seeing is for the JPG preview which is included in the DNG file.

If you open the DNG file in an application with DNG file support such as Lightroom, Photoshop, or other image editing applications, it will open the full image."

I have a hard time believing that you actually want to change the DNG dimensions like this, so I figured I would report it here.

Note, the source DNG files are from Pentax K-1 and K-3 files.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.2.9] on [Windows 11]

We will be improving our DNG file saving to include full size JPG previews instead of only the miniature 256 x170 pixel previews.

For now, this is expected behavior. If you open the DNG file in an application with RAW support you will see the full DNG image.

Great! Thank you!


Bug still present in 1.3.3 version, I know that I can open up in PS for ex or another RAW compatible app, but Windows Explorer still sees only JPEG in RAW file and when opening it with Windows Photo to have a quick check there is only the JPEG thumbnail opening


As of 1.3.3 this is still on our to-do list :slight_smile: