Topaz Photo AI Enhancement

Topaz AI is amazing. I love it, especially for enhancing my astrophotographs taken in RAW format.

However, perhaps a nice addition would be:
Topaz Photo AI can recognize “subjects.” Wouldn’t it be nice if it could upscale all subsequent images equally and adjust the image ratios so that multiple pictures focusing on the subject could be obtained without a difference in overall resolution? (Dimensions)

For example:
You have multiple images with different dimensions.
All of them feature the same subject (in my case, the Moon) but were captured from varying angles (sometimes horizontally and other times vertically).

Topaz identifies the subject (Moon), zooms in/enlarges it, and crops the rest to create a pleasing 730x730 image that is consistent across all the pictures.

Lastly, applying upscaling and using Autopilot to enhance the image.

@hauke.lenz Thanks for your kind words!

We can’t do that exact functionality with the subject but if you go to the Preferences > Autopilot > Upscale menu you can set the output size. Instead of “scale” you can set the width or height that you want.

But if the AI can detect the subject, wouldn’t it be possible for it to keep the subject centered while cropping or cutting?
Would be a shame to get the wrong end cutted.

It could, but that’s more of a subjective edit whereas we’ve historically focused on objective edits.

well can´t follow you in this case. since its clearly focusing on subjectiv enhancements. but if you don´t need enhancements then close this topic up.

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