Topaz Photo AI does not let me sign in with a paid account


Please help. We paid for the product and we need to use in ASAP. Here’s the issue:

The version is 2.1.4

Steps to reproduce issue:

How long and often do I try, it does not let me log in and only let’s me use the demo version.

Please fix this ASAP as we payed for the software.

Thank you.

Hello good people at Topaz Labs,

I have a similar issue. Upon activation I’m switched to browser for validation, it’s ok and get message that I can close the browser tab, yet upon returning to Photo AI it gets completely stuck — the activation pop-up is stuck and does not allow to click on any of the buttons and most options on the menu are grayed out and unusable. Therefore, I’m forced to close it.
I’m running version 1.3.12 of Photo AI as limited by having an iMac with MacOS 10.15.7 (Catalina). The browser I’m using for the validation on your site is Chrome 120.0.6099.71, but get the same results with Firefox and Safari.
Thank you.

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