Topaz Photo AI DNG file error with new OM-1 MKII files

I am having continued issues with either the plug-in option from Lightroom using the DNG file from Photo Ai in Lightroom. I can take my orf file into Photo AI from Lightroom and edit it with no issues but when it saves it as a dng file to go back into Lightroom it gives me an error message and doesn’t save it. If I edit my image straight into Photo AI and then save as a DNG file, Lightroom will not open it or recognize it at all. Is there a plan to fix this and when might that be? I have seen others having the same issues. Thank you

The OM-1 Mark II files will be fixed in v2.4.1 which will be released very soon.

Until then, you can convert those OM-1 RAW files into either TIFF or JPG format to use with the application.

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Thank you for the information! I will wait for the update since I have several images to edit.

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