Topaz Photo AI DNG file color shift

Using Topaz through Lightroom Plug-in on my PC(File => Plugin Extras=>Process with Photo AI). The first step to processing my photo is to run it through Topaz Photo AI first for denoise and sharpening, then complete the rest of my processing in Lightroom using the DNG file created. Some Topaz DNG files will have a color shift from the original file. Attaced are the two files.

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I’ve been having weird color shift issues lately, too. And now when I open an image from Lightroom into Topaz AI, it looks like it’s been converted to CMYK. Then when it’s saved back into Lightroom, the color appears RGB again.

After doing some research and trial and error, I believe I found the issue. When I import my images from Lightroom from my card out of the camera, I use a preset that I have set up. Within that preset, I apply a “color denoise” of 25. All my other “detail” sliders are set to zero. If I set the “color denoise” to zero, that seems to fix the problem.

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