Topaz Photo AI creates or worsens moire

When I run Photo AI on an image with a pattern, moire is vastly increased (or created). See attached before and after, left breast and shoulder areas. Shot with Nikon Z9. I don’t get this moire issue in Photoshop.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Step 1 Load image
  2. Step 2 Allow program to run
  3. Step 3 View before and after

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

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Thanks for reaching out. Please send the following information so I can try to reproduce this.

  1. The original image file.
  2. The processed image.
  3. A screenshot or description of the settings panel so I can see what adjustments were turned on.

You can securely submit your image(s) to my Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.
Dropbox File Request

It looks like the shirt may be getting oversharpened. Does this effect still appear if you zoom in to the problem areas?

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