Topaz Photo AI automatic opening

Since the second before last update to PhotoAI, the programme keeps trying to open on it’s own accord, without me clicking on anything. I keep closing it but the next image I edit in Lightroom Classic, as soon as I click on export, or just after, PhotoAI opens up. This has never happened before and is so annoying that I am going to have to uninstall it. I use a Windows 10 laptop. I rarely use PhotoAI as it takes several minutes to process each image. My main go to is DeNoiseAI which is brilliant and takes not time at all to process an image. SharpenAI isn’t too bad either.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

You will need to raise a support request at the main website so the techs can have a look at your PC. Seems strange that Photo AI starts when you say you are exporting to another app.

Check the external editor preset you are using via the settings.