Topaz Photo AI 3.0.3 highlights/midtones/shadows/blacks separate adjust

In DxO Photolab Elite Complete, one can adjust exposure for specific image exposure ranges without masking , such as highlights, midtones, shadows, and blacks. As a number of my subjects, particularly birds in flight, are backlit, this allows me to recover detail without masking each image separately. I have looked for this capability in Photo AI 3 (currently 3.0.3) but do not seem to find it, nor can I find a detailed user manual – Photo AI seems to be mostly automatic with only a change of AI model allowed for the different stages. Does Photo AI 3 have the ability to separately adjust exposure by exposure range in a raw or processed image?

Currently, this is not an option in Topaz Photo AI; however, we do offer the Adjust Lighting feature. I will link some information below for you to review:

More information: