Topaz Photo AI 1.3.6 - wow, better, faster. It works finalyl!

All I can say is there are DRAMATIC improvements since I last posted here wondering why obvious settings to make things look better, made things look worse.

Remove noise, … actually works now!

Enhance resolution (which worked before) and unbur (which did not) now are doing exactly what they should.

Recover Faces can actually be used once again!

Sharpen still does weird things with hair but that’s the only gadget that seems like it needs alot more work. The other gadgets all have sharpen type aspects to them so unclear the purpose of “Sharpen” except it still can have the opposite effect. I leave that one off.

But This version is headed in the right direction.

It seems to also be noticeably faster. Things that took a few seconds like recalculating when you moved or zoomed, are now almost instantly rendered.

You know that feeling when you used an old 32 bit app that then went to 64bit? that’s how this improvement feels to me.

My faith in this product has been restored, big time! :slight_smile: