Topaz photo AI 1.2.8 version generate DNG file that is not readable by my LR

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Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. download image DNG raw from the camera leica M10Monochrome
  2. upload to LR Classic, can view the raw file in LR
  3. Process the DNG file in Topaz Photo AI, generate DNG file output
  4. import the new DNG file in LR, get an error “can not review” That usually means LR think the DNG file is corrupted.
  5. work around - if I process the file in Topaz Photo AI and generate the file in TIFF format
  6. import to LR will work. Topaz Photo AI latest release generate the DNG file that makes LR think it is corrupted in some way.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.2.8] on [Mac]
Intel Mac OS version 12.6
DNG file generate after processing My M10Monochrome DNG - LR can not read them

I hit the wrong key
the LR version is 12.2.1
However, if I process the file and save in TIFF format. It does work fine. LR can read the tiff file. LR was able to read the DNG in the preview release.

Raise a support request at the main website and they will guide you as to what is required as there isn’t enough to go on in the post here.

For example, what is a My M10Monochrome DNG?

My M10Monochrome DNG, the DNG file generated by using a leica M10Monochrome camera - the photo ai process the file and it is unreadable in DNG format and yet you can read the file in tiff format.

anyway, what do you mean by raise a support request at the main website?

OK understand, if you use Photo AI as a standalone or send the original DNG to process the file will may overwritten as DNG is a output format for Photo AI and I don’t know if Photo AI will identify it as a RAW image.

I checked on LibRAW and RAW from the Leica M10 Monochrom is supported so the best option is to raise a support request at the main website as they will be able to identify why the DNG cannot be opened after being updated.