Topaz not responding

I have had to close Topaz when I get the prompt from my safari that (Topaz is not responding I would say at least five out of the last ten times I have had to close out losing at times a long process of adjusting…I have a mac version 10.11. I can not be certain, but I think the culprit may be the newly added Simplify…And suggestions for me.

You will need to submit a Technical Support request at the link above … also not sure what you mean by a prompt from your ‘safari’

Safari is the Mac browser.

I don’t quite understand what you mean either (like @AiDon mentioned) about getting a prompt from your browser?
Maybe it’s because you have Safari open when trying to use Studio? I use a Mac_El Capitan & Safari and do not have this issue? Safari had a recent update to 11.0.1. I had a previous issue with submitting tickets to Topaz using Safari and Joe mentioned to try Google Chrome… and that solved the issue. But after the latest update to Safari that issue was solved and I now can submit tickets thru Safari again.

Are you having to close out of Safari or Studio?

i am running 1.5.3 on Topaz…i had a similar problem with a previous version….
studio runs on the safari browser…when the Mac beach ball spins and spins and
never gets to opening the program or does not get to the action I am trying use,
at that point a dialogue box came up on the screen (Topaz Studio not responding”

Studio doesn’t run under the Safari Browser it is a separate application that resides on your hard disk. Are you talking about Topaz Studio?

If so post a screenshot please.

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can you use your studio application if you are no on-line?

Safari: A dedicated web browsing application. This software cannot open other applications, like Topaz Studio

If you are receiving crash messages, please post the full crash report here on the forum. You can save it as .txt, so it will post :slight_smile:

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