Topaz Mask AI in Topaz Studio 2

I can’t figure out how to use this new mask inside of topaz studio 2. The old Topaz Studio used the remask as a plug in. You’d do your thing, and then it would bring it back to topaz studio as a separate file. You could then do your thing with that separate file (IE: use the adjustments such as changing color or precision contrast). Then, you could go back to your original file, and add an image layer. Then you could pull your second image over the 1st one.

Now in this new topaz studio 2, I can’t do that. And saving these masks in Mask AI grays out your area. I don’t see a way to have 2 pictures in the topaz 2 and then merge the two after you’ve done what you want to with Mask AI. Help!

Thank you.

It has not yet been added as a plugin, it is on the roadmap as are other plugins