Topaz Labs vs Topaz Labs LLC

I just realized I have two versions of programs. The ones in the folder Topaz Labs are older than those in Topaz LLC. Can I just delete or uninstall the older ones. It seems Topaz Labs still has uninstallers so is it safe to use them and not have …LLC programs affected?

Topaz please comment which direction I should take.

Would think that is totally your choice. If you don’t ever use them, then I guess there is little point keeping them.

Note that the current versions of Adjust AI and JPG to RAW AI have not yet been migrated to the LLC folder so you probably wouldn’t want to uninstall those.

I personally use the older Studio more than I do studio 2, and I probably also use Adjust 5 more than Adjust AI. Remask 5, B&W Effects 2, Denoise 6 and Simplify 4 all still get the odd outing, don’t take up much room and don’t interfere with anything else, so are retained.