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Topaz Labs plugins recommendations
I love using the plugins provided by Topaz Labs. I’m currently using these:

Topaz Clean 3

Topaz Adjust 5

Topaz DeJpeg 4

Topaz Detail 3

Topaz Lens Effects

Topaz Remask 3

Topaz Simplify 4

What other Topaz Labs plugins should I take a look at? And I believe my plugins are out of date and I want to update them ASAP but I don’t know the latest plugins and on their official site they don’t tell me or I didn’t understand a thing.


In future either post in a relevant thread or create a new post. The thread you posted was about upgrades to the forum not products.

You can check if your version is up to date from the Help-> About or MENU… About and check against the downloads listed on the Web Site under the Downloads Menu, either Classic Plugins or Legacy if they are no longer supported.

If they are not up to date just download and install.

For any other recommendations, check the downloads page but remember that Legacy items are no longer on sale.