Topaz Labs installed apps not updating correctly

I am becoming weary of Topaz Labs products not updating successfully from the installed app on my computer. My view is that if this process continues to be hit or miss, then all products should be made downloadable and updated from your website only.

Alternatively, the solution is to create a hub - much like the Adobe cloud or aescripts + aeplugins “manager” - that once installed on a customer’s computer, contains all the products he or she has purchased. From this hub purchasing, re-licensing and updating is done.

Boris FX have taken five years to get around to doing just this, and I am told they are releasing their manager in December 2023.

You don’t pay a Subscription of $175 a month, or $108 per month prepaid for a year for Photo AI.

I don’t have any issues with the updates, either in app or downloaded from the release threads. Various things such as VPNs or firewalls or AVs can cause issues with the in app updating.

I do not have a firewall on my Mac. Nevertheless, I am experiencing these inconsistencies with Topaz regular updates and this is affecting my productivity.

Hello, could you send us a note at so that our team could take a closer look at this bug? Thanks!

Hello Tony,

Ida has emailed me, and I have sent her information regarding this issue.

Kind regards,

Peter S