Topaz Labs apps stopped working

I have had Topaz Labs software (Denose, Sharpen and photo ) since around August 2022. The software worked great as a plug in for my lightroom. It stopped working as of this morning. I deleted and cleared TopazLabs preset in Lightroom uninstalled and reinstalled the software to no avail. once i launch it threre is a brief flash on the scree and the software does not launch. I have Win 10 Intel i9 7940x processor and 64 GB of RAM Windows version update is: 22H2. I searched the forums and can not find solution to the problem. Once app is launched under Task Manager you can see a brief (miliseconds ) flash and the program does not launch. Help!!!

Raise a support request at the main website. Note that something has changed on your PC …. was there a recent software or driver update?

Same here. Denoise AI and Sharpen Ai do not open. Screen opens and closes immediatley. Worked fine for month. No pc changes except windows updates.

I thank i found a solution. No hardware changes but windows updates. It turns out that my graphics card drivers were not compatible. All of sudden it stopped working while still working on Mac laptop. I updated Nvidia drivers and everything is running again.