Topaz keeps crashing my iMac (2020) when rendering

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Topaz keeps crashing my iMac (2020) when rendering - unable to successfully use the app.

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3.6 GHz 10-Core Intel Core i9
AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT 16 GB
128 GB 2133 MHz DDR4

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2023-12-16-00-35-2-Main.tzlog (28.8 KB)
2023-12-16-02-08-11-Main.tzlog (76.9 KB)

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video is also rendering at .1 fps - when I have only " ai enhancement " turned on.

A 30 second clip is 3+ hour run time

I have had this issue. The fix below (from early Dec) worked- but now its crashing again.

this is what they said:

Our developers are currently in contact with Apple about an issue related to some Mac systems with AMD graphics cards.

We’re really hoping for an update from Apple soon but for now we’ve found that most users should see more stable processing speeds if they enable low power mode from the app’s preferences menu.

In addition, setting the “max memory usage” slider to 50% or 20% should also help with render times:

File → Preferences → Processing

Unfortunately we’re basically stuck at this point without an OS-level fix from Apple. Our developers have been in frequent contact with them about this issue that seems to be affecting several apps that use the graphics card heavily. I totally understand if this is something you’d like to receive a refund for, just let me know if that’s how you’d like to proceed while we work on getting this resolved.

i was able to complete a render - using just the ai enhancement and 30 second clip. - took about 3 hours to complete is this normal time??

I had previously had multiple “switches” turned on… - stablization / motion blur / etc. and that is when it would crash /restart my computer mid render.

Runtime on that was 6+ hours.

Are these normal run times?

I will continue to test and see if able to use properly.

yes I think having only one “process” on at a time increases chances. We have same spec machine and now nothing is working for me. very annoying- reducing the processing power stops the death crash which i had never experienced before. TOPAZLABS whats the update? sort it out…

im having worse result now after the recent upgrade. a 6second clip (4k) takes over 2 hours to slow down x2 and will probably fail. akes the product unusable unless im going to be told to buy a silicon chip Mac?!?!

testing a “preset export” 4x slow mo w/ ai enhancement on.

A 6 second clip is showing 40 minutes render time?

Hoping Topaz can provide clarity on export speeds ??

To determine if part of the issue.

UPDATE:// exort/render is crashing/restarting my computer.

UPDATE://. tried multiple more tests with computer crashes.

Was able to get one succesfull “ai enhancement” and " 4x slow mo " both as single processes…

Now testing “stablization”

20 second video showing render time of 2 hours.