Topaz JPEG to RAW AI ... released

Thanks - I really did know to rotate it!:innocent: But I wondered why no one else mentioned it happening. A bug like that should have been obvious, so I’m guessing only some of us lucky ones get to have it.:cry:

Unfortunately or fortunately it doesn’t happen to all so I guess they are trying to isolate it.

It is tied to particular metadata, and becomes an issue when writing it to the DNG file. TIFF and DNG metadata transfer are unique sets of logic. This could be why its only experienced with the DNG format.

I have I think all Topaz products (or nearly all) up to this point. Yet again yesterday I worked with JPEG to RAW because the intro sale expires today…

I still don’t see that I would use it at this point. I am now running virtually everything I work on through Studio using AIClear (and of course other apps in Studio). I am extremely happy with AIClear! It really makes a difference not only with old photos of various sorts but also with new ones. Shooting birds, it’s almost like having a new fantastic lens! I didn’t see a difference, or enough difference in the tests that I did, of JPEG to RAW vs AIClear. Our hope would be somehow more dynamic range, of course, but I don’t see it. High quality JPEG is actually quite forgiving… I should say that these days I am upsizing JPGs to 16 bits before going to Photoshop and thence to Studio, then usually going back to 8 bits before sending them back to Lightroom because I’ve done most of the processing I’m going to do on the photo by then. This may help with JPG processing and is no trouble to do.

I also tried it on some very old very small digital images in jpg format and again didn’t notice any difference between that and AIClear. I do have Gigapixel and find it useful for getting a better upsize than anything I’ve ever used before for upsizing. The thing I notice the most is it doesn’t upsize the noise as much as previous products.

The other issue is process and speed. Using a separate product that is very slow just isn’t useful enough for me. I had just decided my notebook (which I use about half the time) is still satisfactory and bought it a new battery. It is not satisfactory for JPEG to RAW. It took 100% of my CPU and took a LONG time to process one JPEG (6000x4000 pixels). It appeared it was using my video card.

And did I miss the PS or LR plugin feature? I look at my photos in LR and don’t like a step where I have to find them in a file browser or Open dialog as well…

That said, Topaz has recently completely changed my processing for the better with Studio and especially AIClear!

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Interesting development, but the results (Version 1.0.3) are vastly over denoised and overscharpened. Block artifacts are adequately suppressed.

TIFFs directly out of J2R are unusably oversharpened, so I’m forced to use Capture One Pro to repair the oversharpened images.
When I open the DNG output in Capture One Pro, I need to apply a minus 60 on the Structure control to get something near usable.
Also, the noise reduction kills shadow detail which it mistakes for noise, and that’s on the “Normal” setting…

What’s probably needed is a newly trained AI model for a ‘Low’ or ‘None’ setting of the Noise & Blur reduction control.

Because of the missing shadow detail, it is hard to see if any of the claimed Dynamic Range expansion is produced.
The highlights also do not show clear signs of recovery which, together with the featureless shadows, make the claimed dynamic range expansion questionable.


Here is a source JPEG, a frame taken from the BladeRunner 2049 movie:

On the TIFF output (which I cannot upload here), patches on e.g. the forehead have become completely featureless, and other parts of the image, like e.g. the beard, are way over-sharpened/processed.

And here is the result, JPEG output via a DNG, after a huge (-60) reduction of the Structure control in Capture One Pro to ‘repair’ the oversharpening. Details in e.g. the dark parts of hair and on the forehead are already completely gone:

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So you know why this is happening (sounds like…) Will there be a fix soon? Yes I can rotate back in Studio or CS6, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to do that.


I thought I saw somewhere the suggested workflow using JPEG to RAW AI, but I can’t find it now. If anyone knows where it is, could you please post it (or the location?)


Hi Shelia,

Whenever you would edit a JPEG, put it through JPEG to RAW AI first for best editing results.


Thanks Don, I actually found the workflow article I was looking for. It said jpeg to raw first, then edit, then AI gigapixel.

But one more question - what would be the reason for choosing Tif instead of DNG when using JPEG to RAW AI? Which is preferable? Or doesn’t it make a difference since Studio doesn’t save to DNG?


Hi Shiela,

My preference is for TIF as not all RAW processors interpret DNG in the same way. For example Capture One and Affinity Photo don’t handle the DNGs from JPEG to RAW AI as well as the TIFFs.

And as you know anything you use will have to Save As from a DNG as it is RAW. You can conceivably overwrite the TIFF but then you would lose the output from JPEG to RAW AI which would defeat the purpose.

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Thanks, Don - So, if I understand correctly, saving as a TIF in JPEG to RAW will have the same output as saving as a DNG?

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Yes, has the same properties.

I Own Topaz AZ Complete Classicic Plugins (DeJpeg,Denoise,Black and White,Infocus,ect) How Do i Get Credit for the Plugins I allready own? Are you going to Give Credit for JpegTo Raw Ai since i own Dejpeg and Denoise boths ?And Infocus ?

There isn’t credit for any products for JPEG to RAW as it is a totally new product.

If you own InFocus you are entitled to a free upgrade to Sharpen AI. Log on to your account and use the voucher already in your account on checkout.

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What is ther Differece Between (Denoise And DeJpeg) and JPEG To RAW ?

A big difference as DeNoise and DeJpeg are noise removal programs, not conversion to RAW.

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As you stated you raise a ticket 2 days ago so you should get a response soon. Please do not engage in spamming other members of this forum. Remember Sharpen AI has been out for over a month and you have just asked about this.

They allready closed w/o a responce.I am some what to the members of this i guess only members that from that work for topaz labs have _TL and I do not .I was hoping a topaz labs person would see and answer my question too.