Topaz has slowed down

Not sure what happened but since the last update the software is so slow that it’s unusable. The software used to be so fast, now I can’t even use it. I click a setting and have to wait like 20 settings. It’s crazy. I virtually stopped using the software. What happened? Can I return to an older version?


You can go back. Simply download the last stable version from this page, uninstall the current version and reload the stable version.

Releases are found here and can be downloaded in the first post for both Windows and Mac.

I noticed the faces are funky when the face detection works, which is also funky, it needs fixing for sure.

The same for me. It is not possible to work with the program

Sometimes i thought it was just me; but, it seems like every ne release results in slower and slower processing. I get the gut feeling that Photo AI will never be a finished product. Seems to be a WIP that is updated on a weekly basis ever since it came out. There are time when it does work slowly that I notice absolutely no improvement with an image. Is this another yearly $99 in and nothing out?

We have definitely heard your complaints and our developers are hard at work on Topaz Photo AI version 3.4.0 dropping at the end of the month!

why release something that doesn’t work, software 101

I do not work for or have any association with Topaz, simply attempting to convey reality.

Software redundancy testing is tricky especially when there are so many operating platforms available and in public use. I can speak to this as I was an Industrial Engineer for 40 years with a specific focus on software integration.

If there were only a few platforms out in the world that the general public used it would be a walk in the park, but there are thousands. Realistically developers can only take testing so far, they have limited resources and cannot test every operating system and the thousands of computer configurations.

In their environment they develop and test the application to the best of their ability but cannot test on thousands of machines with multiple configurations. When the testing is complete and within their environment it is successful they release the application to the masses. Now it hits those thousand different configurations and operating systems.

Stuff happens, they get feedback from their clients and attempt to resolve the issues based on many variables.

All software development companies do it pretty much the same way, some are simply larger and have more resources.

Understanding the challenges users can assist Topaz by using support and giving them detailed information on the challenges including their system specification. Many times I see people conveying the problem without giving them the information they need, this is absolutely useless to them because they have no baseline to resolve the challenge.

I had an issue, worked with Topaz through support, found that my system was truly obsolete and upgraded. While everything isn’t perfect and Topaz has some work to do to fix some problems within the core application they are getting the feedback needed and addressing the challenges.

They aren’t purposely releasing something that doesn’t work. TPAI is working well for me, others not so much, it makes me wonder what platform they are working on and if they are using support to get them the information they need for resolution.

thanks but I’ve at this for 40 years, software 101

Well since you’ve been in it for 40 years then you should know the realities of software releases. Because even Microsoft and Apple release packages with bugs.

For what it’s worth your statement that the software doesn’t work is inaccurate. I updated through TPAI without issue. This image was processed this morning and autopilot worked perfectly with the exception of capturing all of the subject, the feet needed to be added. The picture was a little soft because of all the branch clutter and shot at a high ISO. The Topaz results were pretty darn good. So the software doesn’t work for some but works for many.


And I’m sure that since you’ve been in the industry for 40 years you’ve reached out to Topaz to convey your challenges and configuration but if you didn’t here’s a good way to pass on the information.

You can get assistance by emailing them directly at or on the support page. Click the blue link in the lower right hand corner.

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Same. I bought Topaz a week ago and it is nearly impossible to make any configurations. I am using a M2 Pro machine with 32 Gigs of Memory. Very disappointing.

Yes. Same. Program is unusable. Version 2.3.2 on a 2023 M2 MacBook Air, Sonoma 14.3.1

I agree it has slowed down so much it gets annoying to try and work with it!

Same here. Last few days, no matter size of image file, it is taking 15 to 30 seconds between operations on my Mac. Tried to reinstall latest version, but same thing happens.

Have you considered going back to the last stable release you had installed until they release the next version. I’ve read posts that the challenges are being worked on by the development team. It may be worth it to speed up your processing. I had the same challenges in Windows and dropped back to 2.1.2 until the latest version which resolved my challenges.

They can be found here for both Mac and Windows in the first post.

I can’t find where I download a prior version.

Ray, what was your last stable version?

Go to the link I supplied above (the blue box, click the word releases), find your last stable from the list, it will look like this:

Click on that version, scroll down to the bottom of the first post and Wallah…you see the download for your system. It will look like this:


Uninstall the current version, restart your system, install the new version (I always restart but I’m OCD) and you should be set.

I just got the software and is so slow that I just can’t use it… SOS