Topaz Glow

I have Topaz Glow and I have seen some wonderful art done with it. I have not figured out how to use it properly. I don’t want the preset result by itself, I have seen paintings done with it. I have been trying different blends modes on top of a project but without good results. Any ideas? I have seen lots of flowers artwork that somehow used the filter and it looks great!

along with with blend modes try varying the opacity slider as well as using layer masks.

Lots of tutorials etc on YouTube and the blog, see …

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Excellent advice from @Michael_Andre

Also you might like to watch some of the video tutorials offered on Topaz Glow.

If you are working with RAW files make sure you do your other processing first to bring out the colors and contrast. Varying the Opacity is a good suggestion. Also make sure you apply any changes you make before starting in with Glow.

Thank you guys!

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