Topaz Glow 2 Free Trial

I just downloaded the free trial of Glow 2 and it won’t let me save my photo to my computer. Is that just not available on the trial version?

Also, on my Impressions 2, I get a dialog box that says my “tablet version is mismatched”. I just close the box and go on and nothing has seemed amiss for all the months I’ve been getting that message. I’m using these on a laptop, but don’t think that matters.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Both Glow and Impressions are graphic card intensive. It could be that your graphic card is the problem or you need updates.

I’m using Adjust 5.2 and Impressions 2 just fine. Do you still think it could be the card?

Please raise a technical support request at the link on the header if it isn’t a problem with your Tablet and permissions. For the save error make sure you have the correct write permissions to the folder you are trying to save to.

That actually sounds like a Wacom error, try unplugging your tablet and see if it works. If it does download the current Wacom (or other tablet) drivers and install them.

I’m not using a Wacom. I have no trouble with any other Topaz plug in. Wouldn’t the write permissions already be in place?

Not necessarily … just check the folder to see that you have write permission.

Maybe you have a touch screen and the drivers aren’t current giving the tablet message.