Topaz Gigapixel is not working after latest update

Hello, I’ve just updated Gigapixel after about a year of usage, and now it’s completely not working. No photo is upscaling. As soon as I drag photo into working space, there comes up text: “Some model files need to be redownloaded before images can be processed”. I have very fast computer and internet. From where the problem comes? How to fix it. Until I upgraded software I was happy with Topaz. What to do now?

It sounds like your model files aren’t able to save after being downloaded if this happens every time after the models have already been downloaded.

Let’s get you to double-check that you don’t have anything blocking the connection here, such as a VPN, proxy, firewall, anti-virus, Windows Defender, or Avast (a common culprit), blocking the connection, causing the issue that blocks access to our apps.

If you have any of these, go ahead and try turning each one off momentarily (one at a time to find the culprit, start with Avast if you have it) and then see if the connection goes through, allowing you to log in, in which case we’ll know that’s the problem.

Then, you can add Gigapixel AI to a list of accepted products within the anti-virus software causing the issue.

Well, nothing was blocking the connection. So I had to remove latest update - 7, and I downloaded previous one. So now again it’s working with no problem.

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That is great!