Topaz Gigapixel failing to process in final stretch

I’m currently working on upscaling images for large environmentals (~96 x 100 inches). I successfully upscaled the majority of them the first day I purchased and installed Topaz Gigapixel. I have one image left I need to upscale, but now upon saving out images, Gigapixel gets hung up at about 95% during processing and will not finish. I have allowed it to run for hours but to no avail. Normally it does not give me an error and just shuts down my computer, and once I received a ‘write error’ after uninstalling the program and reinstalling it before processing failed.

I am not upscaling this image beyond the 6x max (I’m doing it at about 5.95x). This issue began occurring before I opted to update. Why would gigapixel suddenly fail to function after working so well on the first day of use?

Perhaps a memory limitation? Have you tried running it after a clean reboot, without anything else running?

Unfortunately yes - I’ve done clean reboots and limited background processes as much as possible. I’ve also done additional troubleshooting and found that the process fails at the exact same place every time (checked by putting a piece of tape on my screen on the location where the bar stops, hah). Nothing has changed on my system since using Topaz gigapixel for the first time a couple of days ago, not even hard drive space since all of the upscaled images aren’t saved locally.

What about your GPU? Dedicated or integrated? Sometimes the system get’s confused about what hardware it’s using to process the image.

Same problem for me today. Should have know better to have upgraded on a deadline. Disgusted.