Topaz Gigapixel demo endlessly processing on M2 Mac

I have downloaded the latest version of Gigapixel however I am using the demo version . I have a Mini with M2 Processor with 16 GB of RAM and 512GB SSD. And when I try to upload a photo to upscale in Gigapixel I choose 2X and Standard Option and Gigapixel endlessly just keeps showing that it is upscaling even if I leave it like that for one hour. Nothing happens just shows upscaling forever

But no matter which photo, even the lowest resolution with the lowest size or the highest photo with highest Size or a medium size photo no matter which photo do I upload nothing happens and this is even after waiting for 15 minutes.

Why does it keep showing upscaling forever there is no end to the scaling even if you wait for 15 minutes or you wait for 1 hour and in that one hour it clause my entire system utilising all the available memory, it just keeps on saying Upscaling and that process goes on forever?


I’ll need some more information on this conflict.

When you upload an image, do you have Face Recovery on?

If you do, please try turning off Face Recovery and see if it starts processing for you.

ASAIK I don’t think I have face recovery on but no matter what do I do, what settings or Photo zi se it just does not proceed further and keeps showing upscaling for hours and hours. Very disappointed using Topaz Gigapixel.

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Hmm, thanks for this.

Let’s get you to double-check that you don’t have anything blocking the connection here, such as a VPN, proxy, firewall, anti-virus, Windows Defender, or Avast (a common culprit), blocking the connection, causing the issue that blocks access to our apps.

If you have any of these, go ahead and try turning each one off momentarily (one at a time to find the culprit, start with Avast if you have it) and then see if the connection goes through, allowing you to log in, in which case we’ll know that’s the problem.

Then, you can add Gigapixel AI to a list of accepted products within the anti-virus software causing the issue.

Yes I have a Pop-Up Blocker, Ad-Blocker and also an Anti Virus Running and also Safari Ad Guard running.

I have tried disabling everything it hasn’t still helped.