Topaz Gigapixel AI 5.5.1 keeps crashing

That’s working for me also! Thank you for your help!

the crashing is because of a gpu memory leak issue. when setting the ai processor to cpu. it will fix it but render times are horrible.

running a m1 macbook pro with 16gb ram

I changed mine to using the graphics card but this did not help…too slow with the CPU

Count me in on no longer being able to open Gigapixel, Sharpen or DeNoise. From the looks of this thread its been going on for a long time. I just noticed it today when i tried to install the 5.5.7 update for Gigapixel & it crashed. Tried the other 2 & got the screen shot but then it crapped out so there is no way to get into preferences as noted above. I uninstalled & reinstalled Gigapixel & it crashed as well. Topaz better extend folks’ time once they fix the problem.

Agreed, the same thing is happening to me as well — Sharpen keeps crashing and I can’t use it.

I keep getting random crashes during batch processing. I switched to CPU and now it hasn’t crashed.
What is this gpu memory leak?

This is become a show stopper for me :frowning: I tried all the option switching AI and now I am getting message from Topaz saying upgrade and pay, does this mean that they knowing blocked it so that they get paid extra for this? :frowning:

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They just want us to buy the new version. I guess this bug is programmed on purpose.

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