Topaz Gigapixel 6.3.3 not letting me upscale or downscale to any specific cm value anymore?

Have been using Gigapixel for years now but today after upgrading at the end of last year, I am unable to upscale at any specific cm values ???
It works with upscale 2x, etc… but when I input cm value for height or width and tab down or press enter like before the numbers go back to an arbitrary value that was not chosen by me.
It restarted Gigapixel several times, no luck

I need this to work by Tuesday or I am screwed as I won’t be able to deliver a job…

Need help please

I don’t know what’s specifically happening in your UI, but you could just calculate the pixel dimensions for your images and enter that instead of the inches/cm.

If you know what dpi the images are going to be printed at and you know the size of the prints you need, then you can work out the pixel dimensions.

I’m not sure what could be affecting this. Are you able to create a video and send it to me for the quickest solution?

You can upload the video to my Dropbox.