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I am scaling back my portfolio of Facebook Groups - I shall stay on as an Admin of the Topaz Users Group - but I would like to hand-on responsibilities for the Adjust - BWfx - Glow - Impression - ReStyle - Simplify and Texture Effects Groups.

I don’t know if TopazLabs themselves would like to hold the reins there, so to speak?

Please message me here or at Facebook. It is quite simple to work - make sure those applying to join have a real interest in photography; no porn; no advertising; no hate-speak; and hopefully they will have been using the plugin the group is designed for!

I am discovering the joys of playing the piano, so I have other demands on my time - the 8 or 10 years as admins of these groups has been both rewarding and fun.


I’d think you’d probably have a lot of cross-members between the groups, if it wouldn’t be too big a task…why not consolidate them into the one group, Topaz Users Group? As a user, it certainly would be easier accessing a single site.

Thanks for all you’ve done Jack. However, like you, other interests and obligations keep me from helping out.

The greatest ‘predicament’ in running any of the Topazlabs Plugins Groups is getting folks to accurately recall “exactly how they did it!” Not too many can recall in detail - most say they have little or no recollection :slight_smile:

So, if we have just one, homogeneous group, we have heaps and heaps of excellent art - and no idea of how it was done! In having separate groups for each plugin, we can be fairly certain (I mean we can, can’t we?) that the plugin the room has been named for has been used in some capacity or other? :smiley:

I am still an active user of Topazlabs Plugins - on my wish-list is a facility inside Topaz Studio whereby all the plugins you own can be rendered as presets, so that you don’t have to repeat the mundane cycle of Open Plugin/Apply/Close Plugin: Open Next Plugin/Apply/Close Plugin etc etc. I would buy copious copies of Topaz Studio if this facility ever became available, and Kevin has already said he would look into this.

I mean I might buy copious copies… :slight_smile:

I understand what you are saying…but my thinking is that most users are pretty much like myself…with the exception of those who have only one plug-in at their disposal. On any given image, I frequently use a good many of them and usually do…so only the image results itself might give a clue to which was the prime one. Narrowing it down to one application is only relevant with the introduction of something new, where it’s various actions are applied and can be viewed. With the advent of Studio, I think the visual distinctions will become more blurred.

Keeping track of the various sites had to be very time consuming and my thanks for keeping up with it for so long.

Its OK - the problem is put to bed - I have freed up my time without having to close groups people love to post their Topaz-treated images to. So we are all happy :slight_smile:

…just ReStyle and Adjust left… you know, I might just keep those! :smiley:

:smile: Glad it’s worked out for you.

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