[Topaz Discussion Forum] Summary

When I receive the above and try to open the forum, it times out so I can’t open the web page. Any ideas on a solution?

Sounds like a question for @JoeFedric-TL

Just out of curiosity could you tell us what the link is when you get the timeout and if there are any specific error messages or does it just time out without a notification?

Here it is Larry

Topaz Discussion Forum summary joe.fedric@topazlabs.com

I tried to contact Joe but it timed out too


That is not a link. I was thinking something like the Forum’s URL, http://discuss.topazlabs.com Also, joe.fedric@topazlabs.com is actually his email address, if you click on that it should open your email client… Since you are posting and have responded to my post you are obviously logged into the Discussion Forum. I am just not clear on how you are trying to use the “link” that you gave me. Can you provide any additional information?

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When I click on Joe’s email address it opens Outlook on my computer.

Your subject "[Topaz Discussion Forum} Summary lead me to believe you were clicking on a link in an email sent by the forum software to provide you a summary of some sort.


Typically when I receive this page which shows new creations, I just
click on it and it takes me to the Topaz forum so I can see everyone’s
contributions. Lately this has not happen, don’t know why Joe is
emailing me.


I guess the best thing to do is wait for @JoeFedric-TL to chime in with a solution.

I also have no idea what you are trying to do, I guess it times out because your not redirected to your email client. For a summary, in your case, click on this link:


Email contact can only be carried out through a email client or the email interface on your account which is the Messages button at the link above.

I got it straighten out, thanks for all the suggestions


The summary links are broken, everyone. I have it on my to-do list, now that things have calmed down, it should be fixed soon.

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