Topaz Discussion Forum Maintenance

#Notice: Maintenance will begin in the coming days
Beginning Wednesday, July 18th, we will start the process of investigating and planning fixes for the forum. During this time, we will put up notices when we expect the forums to go down, and when we have finished making changes for the day or week. We will do our best to ensure the forum remains available for as long as possible, and is down for as little time as possible.

###Tentative Plan
Investigation: Wednesday, July 18th through Friday, July 20th
Action: Monday, July 23 through Friday, August 17th (Extended 2 weeks)
Feedback: Friday, August 17th through Friday, August 24th

##Just wanted to give a heads up…

We’re planning on beginning the process of addressing a number of issues that have been identified with the Topaz Discussion Forum website. Here’s a short list (plus scopes) that I’ve collected over the months, that we plan on addressing:

  1. 500 Internal Server Errors (all users)Fixed: This problem was caused by an issue with the version of Discourse we’re currently running, as well as a couple of config-related issues. Will be permanently addreseed when we update Discourse.
  2. Emojis do not display correctly (all users)Fixed: This problem was tied to the 500 errors above. Resolving those resolved the emoji display problem.
  3. Discourse software (forum software) is outdated and performing poorly (all users) → In Progress: The performance has improved since addressing the application issues in Item 1, but the software is still outdated.
  4. Fix admin account control (admins only)
  5. RSS & email links to forum are not correct (all users)
  6. Unable to upload photos using Safari (all users)
  7. SSL certificate not matching domain (all users)

###If there is an item that you are aware of that we need to address, but is not on this list, please let me know and I will add it, after confirming it needs to be fixed. Thanks!




Thanks for the emojis and other fixes!

:sunny: :tada:



Thanks Joe for the updates with the forum issues.:thumbsup:

Timetable has changed a bit. Giving more time to investigate the remaining issues in the Discourse forum software.

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