Topaz Denoise with NX Studio

Hi Folks
I am trialling the denoise programme and no matter how much I push the various sliders it makes no difference compared side by side with the original image. It does say it has updated with the changes at the bottom however.
Am I doing something wrong here?

My Photo editor is NX Studio. Do I need to integrate it with that or something please?

Many thanks


David, I’ve been using DeNoise, Sharpen, and Gigapixel for about a month. I have a Mac with the current release of Monterey, and I use NX Studio to edit my NEF (raw) files.

You’ll find that each of the Topaz products mentioned above has its own set of quirks. What is common is that your best bet is to use the Topaz product (DeNoise in your case) after you have completed your edits and exported your file as a JPEG. Open DeNoise as a stand-alone and bring in the file; launching it from within NX Studio will get you a DNG file, probably useless to you.

I have spent very little time with DeNoise. Sharpen I find to be very helpful, as it removes some noise as it works on sharpening.