Topaz Denoise - finding my way

I’m new to Topaz Denoise. It’s an amazing product, which I cannot stress enough! However, there are some behaviors that I don’t understand. Maybe these are caused because I’m still on the trial version. Is that different from the fully licensed version?

  1. When opened from within Lightroom, Topaz Denoise shows different menu options than if it is opened stand-alone. For example, “Save As” is missing. Also, naming preferences previously specified in the stand-alone version (add prefix/suffix) are not available and not applied.

  2. Topaz Denoise messes up my exif Exposure Bias. If I have a RAW (CR2) file with 1/2 EV, Topaz Denoise changes it to 1073741823/2147483647 EV in the output TIF file’s exif.

  3. When Topaz Denoise is opened from within Windows Explorer, by right-clicking a RAW file (CR2 or ARW) and selecting “Open With”, it tries to save the output file with its original RAW name. When I inspect the original RAW file’s properties, nothing seems to have changed (luckily). I am unable to locate any other version of the RAW file with a 'Date Modified" that is different from the original. It seems that Topaz Denoise actually didn’t do anything.

  4. I read somewhere that Topaz Denoise creates artifacts. After carefully inspecting a before and after image I now think that it simply makes artifacts more visible by denoising and sharpening. It would be great if an artifact-search-and-repair could be built in, somewhere in the future.

  5. Maybe some of the above are explained in the User Guide. However, I cannot locate it. Can someone point me the way?


Your first item is normal. When opening Denoise from within a host it will return the picture back to the host. If you want to save directly from Denoise then use it as a stand alone.

I’ve never tried the third item but normally you would open Denoise AI first then find the picture or use drag and drop to open a picture. Simple enough.

I can’t even find how to post a new question - so I’m adding it here - is it possible to use ‘Recover Original Detail’ to multiple images at once in the Batch process? - I can’t seem to get it to do so…

  1. Opening using the right-click method is not supported - it opens the app in plug-in mode so, as you’ve found, you can’t save as - you can only overwrite the current version (except for raw, fortunately for you in this instance). I believe this is the case for all the AI apps.

The trial version is exactly the same as the paid for one.

Thanks Paul, that is helpful.

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I too am getting exposure changes for processed file output. Why is this the case? What am I doing wrong to cause this?