Topaz Denoise file can't be opened in Lightroom, previously could

Last week I purchased Topaz Denoise and edited 191 pictures with it. They looked great. I sent them into Lightroom Mobile version 8.3.3 and did some color edits and they turned out just fine. I was able to save them to my phone and send/post them online.

This week I processed another smaller batch of photos in Denoise and Lightroom mobile would not allow them to upload. I tried loading them in regular Lightroom on my computer and still got an error. I switched packages and got Lightroom Classic 6.3.1 x64 version and I STILL can’t load Topaz photos into it.

I added Topaz to Lightroom Classic and then imported the original photo. I right clicked the photo and chose “edit-in” and selected Topaz Denoise. This opens Topaz Denoise program and opens the photo there. I can denoise the photo there but it doesn’t change in Lightroom. What am I missing here?