Topaz DeNoise and Sharpen DNG output file size

I’m running the Topaz DeNoise and Sharpen stand-alone apps to be able to batch process my RAW files, so I have been selecting DNG as the output format. As others have noted in various posts, the resulting files are about 5 times larger than the original file. For comparison, I set my camera to output DNG files directly and the result is the same. The DNG file from my camera is about 28MB, the output file from either Topaz DeNoise or Sharpen is about 140MB!

Why are they so large? Has Topaz Customer Support provided any response as to whether this is a “bug” or “feature” and will this eventually be fixed?

I have noticed a similar issue with Jpegs…a large increase in size from the original with DeNoise v3.2.

The DNG from your camera is a RAW file containing sensor data, DNGs from any other application are processed images with a profile… usually TIF base.